Check out our latest range of gifts which can be kept at home and office - products so unique that it will definitely not go unnoticed. Whether you are buying for your husband or girlfriend, for a friend or for yourself, we have you covered. Our exciting & offbeat range of wearables - from clothing to apparels to shoes to costumes, will make your gift truly stand out.


Infinitoo TV Backlighting Kit

infinitoo LED TV Backlight, 6.56ft/2M Colorful 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights for 40-60 Inch HDTV with 17 Keys Remote Control for TV, Computer, Monitor

Make your TV viewing experience more immersive than ever by outfitting your set with the Infinitoo TV backlighting kit. It has RGB LEDs that react to the pixels on your TV screen to enhance your viewing experience....



Suck UK Small Cork Globe

Small Cork Globe with Pins by SUCK UK

Bookmark your favourite places with this unique style Suck UK cork globe! Stick pins in the places you've been or plan your future travels. This globe comes mounted on a stainless steel base & is supplied with pins....



Automatic Water Pump

Automatic Water Dispenser, USB Rechargeable Bottle Drinking Water Radio Water Pump

Drink water in a glass directly from your water bubble. No more water dispensers required! Simply fix, insert & tighten this USB powered & rechargable device into the neck of the water bottle, then press to start....



4 Seasons Tabletop Shakers

Kitchen Supplies Four Seasons Plant Spice Jar Creative Seasoning Bottle Salt Sugar Pepper Shaker Cooking Tools

Inspired by the Four Seasons, this seasoning shaker will decorate your tabletop with the taste of spring, summer, autumn & winter. Perfect for displaying your favorite food herbs, each shaker features a different tr...



2020 Toilet Paper Tree Ornament

2020 Christmas Toilet Paper Ornament Personalized Toilet Paper Roll Decor, Christmas Tree DIY Decor Hanging Ornament

This godforsaken year, add some hilarity to your Christmas tree by hanging this very fitting 2020 toilet paper roll tree ornament on it. This comical yet accurate ornament is handmade from PLA & measures 2x3.5 cm....



Eye Shaped Hook

Eye Shaped Hook

A product that protects your home from all the evil around & also serves as a perfect hanger for your jewellery! Get yourself this stunning Turkish evil eye shaped hook for storage with gold plated metallic finish....



Dual Jet Bath Spa

Conair Dual Jet Bath Spa

Instantly transform your simple tub into a five star delight using the dual jet bath spa. This attachment fits all standard tubs and features adjustable jets & nozzles to create an enthralling whirlpool experience....



Nose Pencil Sharpener

Nose Pencil Sharpeners Pack of 3 Noses

These plastic pencil sharpeners are sure to get a giggle. Nose Pencil Sharpeners have one job: keep students' pencils sharp & their writing even sharper. Drop them in some goody bags for a classroom birthday party....



Tutti Fruit Infuser

TUTTI Fruit Infuser for Water Pitchers by OTOTO

Make your water more palatable for everyone by dropping the Tutti fruit infuser into the pitcher. Designed like a giant strawberry, this silicone infuser makes it easier to add flavor & extra nutrients to your water...



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