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Updated: 21 April, 2020


Programmable Fibre Optic Whip

GloFX Space Whip Pro [PROGRAMMABLE LED Fiber Optic Whip] 6 Ft 360 Swivel - Super Bright Light Up Rave Toy | EDM Pixel Flow Lace Dance Festival

Enter into a world of bright LED fibers that will effortlessly follow you wherever you go. This best selling whip is perfect for body wrapping, spinning, looping, and more. Great for EDM Music Festivals and light Sh...



World's Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

Funtime EG7980 Worlds Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

Don't let the size fool you! This miniature vacuum cleaner is perfect for your desk, or for your car interiors. It comes with a handy reusable filter and has excellent suction. What's more - it doesn't even need bat...



Six Sided Fidget Cube

Antsy Labs Fidget Cube

Stay focussed on a rough day & stop yourself from feeling overwhelmingly anxious with this unique six sided fidget cube. There's a different little game on each of its side, keeping you relaxed & satisfying all your...