Nothing beats the joy of seeing your kid jump with laughterupon receiving your gift. Keeping that in mind, we have carefully created this diverse range of fun and entertaining gifts for all age groups. Whether you're shopping for your kids or your neighbour's kids , there's something cool and exciting  for everyone.


Colorful Crystal Slime Kit

Colorful Crystal Slime Kit, Fluffy Slime Galaxy Slime Eggs, 3 Pack Eggs + 1 Fruit Slices, DIY Toy for Kids and Adults

You can make your own squishy creations anywhere, anytime, and express your creativity. It's fun and relieve your stress as you squeeze soft slime, super soft and stretchy, fun, wonderful, stress and anxiety reducer...



Tiny Baking Toy Set

SmartLab Toys Tiny Baking

Whip up the chef inside your kid with this diminutive size & super adorable tiny baking set. Featuring tiny culinary tools & easy-to-follow recipes, let your kid create small culinary concoctions using teeny-tiny to...



Chameleon Colour Powder Balls

Color Balls by Chameleon Colors, 10 Pre-filled and Refillable Color Powder Balls, Holi Color Powder Fun For 6-10 People, Color War Powder Supplies

Get guaranteed good time with these coloured powder balls! Each pack comes with ten pre-filled & refillable balls that are filled with non-toxic colored powder that explodes on impact & covers your target in a livel...



Outdoor Chicken Toss Game

University Games Flickin� Chicken Outdoor Toss Game for Kids

Keep the kiddos entertained by introducing them to the absolute insanity that is the Flickin' Chicken outdoor toss game. In this incredibly fun game, players must throw the rubber chicken darts onto the target disc ...



NERF N-Strike Modulus Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Whether you're going up against The Covenant or your buddies, give yourself a fighting chance by grabbing ahold of the NERF N-Strike Modulus Blaster. This motorized dart blaster comes with a clip that holds up to 10...



Automatic Juice Dispenser

Ozone Automatic Juice Dispenser Electronic Beverage Dispenser Home Cocktail Tap

No more drips and spills in the refrigerator while pouring juice. Just put the dispensing tube into the drink bottle, adjust the length, tighten the cap and start using it. In fact now even kids can serve themselves...



Elastic No-Tie Shoe Laces

Elastic Waterproof No Tie Shoe Laces Lazy Shoelaces Lock Bands for Adult DIY for Sneakers Boots Running-White

Are you an adult but still have difficulty tying up your shoelaces? Transform any shoe into a slip-on shoe & forget about tying laces. Made of highly durable silicone, these laces stay intact during intense exercise...



Nose Pencil Sharpener

Nose Pencil Sharpeners Pack of 3 Noses

These plastic pencil sharpeners are sure to get a giggle. Nose Pencil Sharpeners have one job: keep students' pencils sharp & their writing even sharper. Drop them in some goody bags for a classroom birthday party....



Falling Monkey Board game

Falling Tumbling Monkey Board game Party game

This game of skill and touch is so easy to learn and fun to play that kids will go ape for it! The objective is to not let any monkeys fall down the tree during your turn.The player to drop the fewest monkeys wins!...



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