Nothing beats the joy of seeing your kid jump with laughterupon receiving your gift. Keeping that in mind, we have carefully created this diverse range of fun and entertaining gifts for all age groups. Whether you're shopping for your kids or your neighbour's kids , there's something cool and exciting  for everyone.

Updated: 21 April, 2020


Tortilla Baby Blanket

Ashipher Burrito Tortilla Swaddle Blanket and Hat for Baby/Kids

Make your baby look like a chipotle burrito in this delicious looking tortilla blanket. With their sweet rosy cheeks & their delectable little toes all wrapped like a burrito, you have to really resist yourself from...



Pizza Socks Box

pizza printed socks for men women all sizes

Are you a fan of pizza or colorful socks? Then, Pizza Socks Box is an ideal product for you! The fashion for colourful socks flourishes and you won't be able to find crazier socks than these that comes in a pizza bo...



Pint of Vampire Blood

Pint of Blood Standard

Replace ketchup with this pint of vampire blood for all your Halloween pranks. It looks so realistic that at times it freaks people around. This is what you want if you want to be that perfect neighbourhood vampire....

Toilet Time Golf

toilet gift for men kids golf set

Enjoy your time in the toilet even more with this mini golf set. No need to feel bored! Your time inside is now far more productive as you are also honing your golfing skills.The set comes with a pair of golf balls....



LED Finger Lamp

LED finger lamp gift for kids magic tricks

Who doesn't enjoy a little fire trick or a small scare once in a while? Perfect novelty gift for yourself and those around you, an instant hit and a simple party favor. it's a great toy and creative fun for all ages...



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