is an online journal managed by team of super interesting geeks with great interest in online window shopping. In fact we spend more time on shopping portals than anywhere else.


We understand that there are a million products available online and scanning through them is not an easy task. And that's exactly why we try and do that for you!


Here, you can find the coolest and the most offbeat products available online. Just by reading about it will put a smile on your face. These innovative yet useful products will definitely make for perfect gifts for your loved ones.  

When we come across an interesting product, we research about it extensively - which means we not just understand the product but also take a thorough look at the brand, go through its customer reviews, and if required, test it internally. 


In the interest of fully disclosure, we would would like to state that many items listed on this site do return a small commission for product referral. However that's not the sole motivation for posting about an item. There are several products for which we receive absolutely no commission . We do not sell anything directly. 

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